Build Ecommerce Shops

Ezyweb offers Microweber for building responsive ecommerce websites with content management (CMS). Microweber makes it quick and easy to build a website using drag-and-drop layouts and modules. 

Ezyweb offers this package pre-configured for UK customers with a hosting plan that can be configured using our one click setup in your account dashboard.

We love Microweber - See the 'how it works' video and further information in the link below. Microweber is ideal for designers and developers who, with a little knowledge of CSS styling, can create their own templates; or simply use the available templates together with the multiple section layout options.

If you are interested in reading more about Microweber or prefer to host your website directly with them then please follow our affiliate link to the Microweber website - read about affiliate links

Microweber Modules

Microweber CMS & ecommerce modules

Microweber Ecommerce Features
easy drag-and-drop page editing
on-page editing in live edit mode
intuitive system design for easy learning
responsive templates that work on all devices
flexible page layouts
flexible menu options
54 modules installed ready to use
36 layouts for use in any template
UK configuration
multiple payment modules including Paypal Express and Stripe Checkout
Stripe Checkout module includes subscriptions option (only available here)
Coupon discount codes
Special offer sale prices

Watch the video to see how it works!

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