O‌pen Source Hosting 

Ezyweb offers hosting packages that include pre-installed Open Source Software. The benefit of the Open Source Software we use is that there is no cost to the customer for the software, you only pay for the hosting service (plus any add-on services you might chose).

Software developers update open source software packages from time to time and it is the customer's responsibility to update their software should they wish. It will be vital to apply any updates that include security fixes. If your software is found to be outdated and missing a security fix then your site maybe at risk of being taken offline, please see our Terms & Conditions. It is therefore strongly recommended to keep your software updated, please contact us if you need assistance with updates.  

We aim to offer more 1-click setup hosting packages in the future pre-installed with best in class open source software that improves productivity for SME businesses. Please contact us if there is a specific open source package (that is stable and secure) that you would like us to host.