Build Responsive Websites

Most businesses want to be found on the web so most need a website, and since more than half of all users on the web are now viewing on small screen mobile devices (smart phones and tablets) so websites should be designed 'mobile first'. It's important for your website to look good on as many different screen sizes as reasonably possible, and  your web site needs to perform particularly well in browsers on mobile devices which most of your clients and customers will be using.

Performance on mobiles doesn't only concern layout, fast page loading is imperative for good SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). All our web builder packages come with caching features to reduce page load times.

Which web builder to use?

These days there are numerous web builders available so choosing which platform to use initially looks like a very difficult choice. However it can make the decision easier if we start by dividing the web builders in to two main categories:

  1. closed source systems like SquareSpace, Shopify, Wix, Weebly, etc that restrict access to the source code and therefore offer limited options for customising and integrating with third party services
  2. open source systems like Microweber, WordPress, PrestaShop, and Thirty Bees that do freely allow access to their source code for customising and 3rd party integrations, and for tweaking performance for SEO.

We believe in having ultimate flexibility for the future so we prefer open source systems.

Our 1-click hosting packages

Ezyweb offers several web builder hosting packages for creating responsive websites using open source systems. Currently we offer Microweber and WordPress for building Blogs and CMS systems, and Microweber, WordPress with WooCommerce, PrestaShop and Thirty Bees for eCommerce.

Out of the open source systems listed above, we love Microweber and we think you will too! If you are interested in reading more about Microweber or prefer to host your website directly with them then please follow our affiliate link to the Microweber website - read about affiliate links

Hosting packages are created from each user account dashboard via a 1-click setup button which will appear once a package has been purchased.

Web Builder Hosting

Business cloud hosting in UK datacentre

Free SSL certificate for https connections

Unlimited pages and users

10GB disk space (for website files and data) with FTP access

Daily off-server backup
Anti-virus health checking
Personal support via live chat and email*

* Please see our terms & conditions

Why not WordPress?

WordPress is the most popular website platform and has an amazing number of plugins so why not use WordPress?  Whilst it's popularity and vast number of plugins would seem to make it an obvious choice these apparent advantages can lead to some challenges.  Read more ..

Wordpress Hosting

£ 13.89* / month ex VAT


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Microweber CMS Hosting

£ 10.42* / month ex VAT


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Microweber Ecom Hosting

£ 16.25* / month ex VAT


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PrestaShop Hosting

£ 16.25* / month ex VAT


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Thirty Bees Hosting

£ 16.25* / month ex VAT


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* equivalent monthly price when paid annually