Ezyweb.uk was launched in 2019 to offer hosting services for open source systems including CMS, CRM, eCommerce and marketing automation systems. We have been providing hosting services for our Clients since 2004 under the eStores brand and Inspired Software UK Ltd, now Ezyweb Ltd. 

Ezyweb.uk is about making the web easier for our Clients and empowering them to promote their business on the web efficiently and productively to increase sales and customer connections. We offer various hosting plans for selected open source systems to suit your needs, and where required we can provide a complete package to include design, build, hosting, and search engine optimisation (SEO) services.

Open source systems are popular on the web because they offer greater flexibility when compared to close source proprietary systems, such as Shopify or Squarespace. Open source systems allow access to the code, enabling the system to be changed or extended if required. The most popular open source system is WordPress, but there are numerous others at various stages of development.

 If you setup your website on a hosted closed source system then you won’t have the flexibility to move your website to a faster or better value service at some later date, you will be tied to the closed source system. Here at Ezyweb we allow you to move your website whenever you wish, however of course we hope you’ll choose to stay! The point is that at Ezyweb you own your website, you’re only renting the server space, and for your convenience we provide the open source system software on a one-click setup within your account.

There are many open source projects available from Content Management Systems (CMS), Customer Relations Management (CRM) systems, eCommerce systems, invoicing systems, and at least one amazing Marketing Automation System. We plan to expand our range of hosting packages to include more open source systems provided they are secure and that the developers take security seriously.

One up and coming CMS/eCommerce open source system we really like is Microweber, which we offer as an alternative to WordPress. Microweber includes drag-and-drop on-page editing which makes updating web pages a breeze! If you're creating a portfolio website, ecommerce website, or a blog, we recommend you give Microweber a spin first and see how easy and intuitive it is to use!

If you have any questions then do please either send us a private message, using the link in the in the bottom right of your screen, or leave a comment below.